2019 Recital Information


Our 2019 recital date, time and location will be announced soon.


Download PDF versions of the tentative recital schedule here:


Reserved-seat recital tickets will be sold at the studio on a future date.

Tickets are $ apiece. All dancers receive one free ticket.

After the initial sale date remaining tickets are sold at the front desk or during rehearsal on a first-come, first-served basis.  Tickets will also be sold at the door on recital day.

Recital tickets are reserved-seating only (by specific seat number).  Proceeds from ticket sales cover the costs of renting the facility, which include not only use of the auditorium, but use of the cafeteria and changing rooms, music, backdrops, custodian, clean-up, programs, insurance protection, and more.


There will be a mandatory stage rehearsal on a date to be announced at recital location.  You can download the rehearsal schedule by clicking the link below.

NO COSTUMES, PLEASE!  Dancers must wear dance attire and footwear.


Click to download information.


Portraits will be taken in the studio June 4-8.

Click below for portrait week schedule:

Village Photo offers additional group and individual portraits available for sale at both recitals.  Buy extras for family and friends!


Food, drinks and snacks are sold at each recital.  (Cash only.)  Please note that food and drinks CANNOT be carried into the auditorium.


Flower sales will be announced soon.


More information soon.


PLEASE READ the information below.  It includes recital information and reminders.

--Please arrive early and ready to dance, with hair and makeup done.  Check before you leave that you have all your necessary accessories, props and footwear.  Make sure you've got those hats, tights, belts, etc.!

--Allow enough time to arrive early and park. 

--NO ONE will be admitted without a ticket.  Be ready to present your tickets upon entering the building.

-- Programs are available at the entrance.

--There will be flowers for sale and DVD signups (payment required) in the lobby.

--Please be in your seats by showtime.

--DO NOT move about the auditorium during routines.  This is VERY distracting for our dancers.

--Have your dancer LINED UP AND READY backstage 3 to 4 numbers before his/her routine.  

--Recital will feature an intermission.

--ABSOLUTELY NO FOOD OR DRINK ARE ALLOWED IN THE AUDITORIUM.  There will be food and drink for sale in the cafeteria, including pizza, hot dogs, drinks, chips and candy.

--If you are bringing snacks and drinks into the changing room for you and your dancer, please clean up after yourself.  There are plenty of trash receptacles in the changing room(s).  

--Finally, we ask that you be considerate of all the dancers and plan on staying until the end of each show.  All our performers and teachers have worked hard the last nine months and deserve an appreciative audience!

Thank you so much for all you've done to support your dancer this year! 

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