Dance Evolution Reviews

Another Studio Teacher/Parent

Hello! I just wanted to send a quick message to let you all know how wonderful your girls are as people! My daughter was at all out this morning and was the only one from our studio competing so she didn’t have any support there from our normal crew and I was unable to make it due to having to teach, so my mother brought her. Your girls cheered her on and hung with her on stage for awards. They’re amazing! I’m a dance teacher and to know they did that for her made my heart so happy! Those girls deserve all the praise for being such wonderful people please let them know I appreciate each and everyone one of them so much more than I can express. Also please let their parents know how wonderful their kiddos are!

Matt D.

Recommending Dance Evolution is a no brainer. My children attend here and have for years. Not just because they love to dance because they do, but because the teachers teach more than just dance. They teach your children what team is all about, what it takes to be successful, yet lose with grace. The studio owner encourages each dancer to express themselves in their own uniqueness. Every child, every dancer of all levels including dancers that may have a disability is welcomed here!! If being involved in a, “family atmosphere” is important to you, then you’ve found the right dance studio!

Kelly C.

The studio is so welcoming. The teachers are great and the older dancers are great role models for the little ones. Glad to be part of the Dance Evolution family! ❤️

Rebecca B.

My seven year old attended the Newsies Broadway workshop yesterday and I wanted to thank you for hosting! Your studio is beautiful and she had an amazing time! If we didn’t live so far away, we’d join the studio in a heartbeat!

Kristina R.

My daughter absolutely LOVES going to dance here!  Miss Samantha is phenomenal with the kids and Michele the owner is wonderful to deal with as well.  They're such a big help and are always available!

Lindsay C.

We love the dance evolution family! We started when my daughter was 3 and Ms Samantha was her teacher.  She is amazing with the little ones, she has patience with the littles and is so fun! We then started competition when my daughter was 4/5 and we love all of the teachers! Addison is now 6 and has excelled so much in the last year, I couldn't have asked for a better team of teachers to help her along the way! 

Majiel B.

We love Dance Evolution and our dance family!!!  Our girls are not just learning the beginning techniques of dance and various dance skills but they are learning what it's like to be confident, strong, dedicated, challenging themselves and most of all to have fun - they truly have a blast while they are learning. The patience and dedication of their teachers is remarkable and for that we are so grateful.

Marlene B.

My girls transitioned to this studio last year and it has been amazing! The teachers, assistants, parents and kids are some of the best I've encountered throughout our 8 years of dance. Everyone involved in this studio not only supports kids through dance, but in all aspects of their lives. We're so lucky!!!!

Linda N.

My daughter loves dance evolution and has grown so much as a dancer in the past 2 years there. The older students really take the younger ones under their wing and guide them by wonderful example. The owner, Michele, is fantastic and really cares for all her students. Shes a wonderful teacher too. Highly recommended!

Bethany B.

Awesome place to work and amazing and talented kids to work with.

Marie H.

They did an amazing job with our little Athena.  She loves going to dance and seeing all of her new friends.  It has been a wonderful experience for her.  I am very thankful that T. M. enrolled her in your dance program.

Tammy F.

Dance Evolution... the entire staff, the moms and dancers have been such a blessing to my daughter , Jessica. Michele and her staff have been instrumental in launching Jessie into the "dance world", which has become her passion now. What I love most is how much Michele
loves her if they were her own children. The choreography has been incredible--the teachers are amazing. Hope will always be Jessie's "hero" for mentoring her both on and off the dance floor ♥. You have all been such an inspiration- thank you.

Kimberly I.

A place where the kids seems to amaze me more and more every year. Fantastic teachers who love their students. We come together for one another because we're one big dance family.

Yvonne B.

Dance Evolution is an amazing studio that gives young dancers the opportunity to express themselves. The amazing teachers educate their students in proper technique, but also allow each dancer some input into their performances. Students, teachers, parents and the owner all work together as a team to make each dancer's experience the best it can be. My daughter has danced with the staff from this studio for 6 years...and has enjoyed every minute!! If your intent is to place your child in the best environment while they grow in dance, Dance Evolution is your studio of choice!

Danielle M.

Great place for children of all ages to learn the art of dance!

Tracey N.

I have two daughters that dance at Dance Evolution. They started with Miss Samantha many years ago.  She introduced them to dance and helped them fall in love. All the teachers value and take pride in their dancers. My girls enjoy classes in Tap, Jazz, Ballet and Lyrical. They are members of a very supportive (and talented) Competition Team. The studio is new and accessible. The location is right off of exit 12, with great eateries and shops nearby, if needed. We are happy to be a part of the Dance Evolution Family. Looking for a studio where you feel at home...this is it!

Jennifer S.

A wonderful place to learn all types of dance and to grow with teachers who are dedicated to their students.

Gina S.

Dance Evolution is THE place to be! The large, clean studio provides plenty of space for not only the dances but for their family members to have a comfortable area to wait in. The staff at Dance Evolution is friendly, knowledgeable and courteous. The teachers provide a warm environment in which their students learn a wide variety of dance styles and fresh, up to date techniques. No worries that your dancer will be doing the same old steps to the same old music year after year! Dance Evolution teachers stay current! Dance Evolution is the BEST choice for a dance studio in the area. The students not only learn tho dance but they learn valuable life lessons on friendship, compassion, loyalty and good sportsmanship. Students come from all over the capital region in order to have the Dance Evolution experience!

Megan B. (dancer)

Dance Evolution is the most friendly, welcoming, and warm environment for your child to learn dance. The teachers are all amazing and truly care about your child and their growth as a dancer. Everything they do is to help them excel and become their best self. Not only is the dancing amazing, but also the location! The studio is always clean and tidy, and not only a fun place for dancers to be but also their parents. The waiting room has couches and a tv, so moms (or dads) can relax and know their child is in the best of hands. Dance Evolution is where your child can not only grow as a dancer, but also become more confident in themselves. Dance Evolution is THE place for your child to dance!

Lori B.

Great group of teachers, assistants, and dancers!

Eve M.

Awesome place awesome teachers and my granddaughter Lexi loves tap and ballet! Definitely highly recommended.

Jennie P.

What a nice studio! Michele the owner made us feel so welcome when we came to the meet and greet . Thank you and good luck this dance season.

Bonnie B.

Awesome place! Great teachers and dancers. I can't wait to enroll Ava--she is excited to dance!!

Kim A.

I am so honored that my daughter, Ashley gets to teach and be part of the Dance Evolution team! It is truly a great studio that cares about all the students and their growth!!!! Good Luck 2014/2015 dance year!!!!!


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